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4G Cellular Kits: Built-In!

Elevate your surveillance game with Dotworkz Camera Housings featuring 4G Cellular Kits! Ensure unparalleled protection for your valuable cameras in any environment while enjoying seamless remote monitoring via high-speed 4G connectivity. Trust Dotworkz for cutting-edge technology that guarantees reliability and peace of mind.

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New Product Spotlight

Cooldome™ protects up to 167° F (75° C)

Boasting a revolutionary Dotworkz thermal cooling system, Cooldome™ ensures optimal camera functionality even in extreme temperatures. Built to last, Cooldome™ stands as a testament to Dotworkz's unrivaled craftsmanship and dedication to providing exceptional camera protection solutions. Elevate your security infrastructure today with Dotworkz Cooldome™—where innovation meets unbeatable protection! The Cooldome™ comes in camera housings for PTZ cameras (D2 or D3), Static cameras (S-Type), Long range static cameras with long lenses (STXL), and even multiple cameras in a single cabinet (B.O.B.).

Dotworkz Videos

Watch the latest videos from Dotworkz. Follow our YouTube Channel and get updates on future videos posted by Dotworkz. After 20 years of working with network based cameras, NVR’s, Wireless system, and CCTV cameras, we understand keeping up with the latest technology can be difficult. We have created a quick and easy educational YouTube Channel to keep you up to date on all the latest network video products and trends.

We also offer a live product training for you and your team to learn about our camera housings product line, installation, wireless setup, and our latest product releases. For more information or to schedule a live training session please call (619) 224-5483 or contact us to reserve a time!

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