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New Projects

All new projects for Dotworkz including new products, installs, announcements, product updates, and more. New projects related to security camera housing protection and installation are aimed at enhancing the security of both residential and commercial properties. The design and development of camera housings that can withstand harsh weather conditions and physical impact are a priority in the industry. Furthermore, the use of advanced technology to provide tamper-proof and encrypted data transfer from the cameras to the monitoring systems is also being explored. These projects are crucial in ensuring the safety of individuals, preventing property damage, and providing evidence in case of incidents. The integration of the latest security camera housing protection and installation techniques is an essential step towards creating a safer and more secure environment for everyone.
D2 COOLDOME™ Active Cooling IP Camera Enclosure (D2-CD) - Dotworkz Systems

Top Selling Kit

The D2 allows a variety of standard sized accessories to be safely shielded inside the housing, such as routers, 3G/4G Wimax and LTE devices, WiFi, wireless Mesh hardware, LAN switches, Mobile computing devices, Portable NVR and UPS systems.


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