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The Ultimate Protective Camera Housings for Extremely High Temperature Environments.
High temperature security camera protection with high duty cycle performance with Dotworkz Cooldome™. The solid state Cooldome™ system offers the ultimate long term temperature safeguard solution for high value surveillance or broadcast cameras. 100% compatible with all leading brands including Axis, Panasonic, PTZ Optics, Bosch, Sony, Marshall, Data video, Hanwha, and many others. Engineered to withstand the harshest environments, these protective housings are a game-changer for any security system with heat protection Extremely High Temperature environments. Complete functionality in dust, wet, or high vibration environments the revolutionary Dotworkz thermal cooling system ensures optimal camera functionality without exchanging outside air into the sealed housing. Built to last, Cooldome™ stands as a testament to Dotworkz's unrivaled USA-made craftsmanship and dedication to providing exceptional camera protection solutions. Elevate your security infrastructure today with Dotworkz Cooldome™ - where innovation meets unbeatable protection! The Cooldome™ is offered in camera housings for PTZ cameras (D2 or D3), Static cameras (S-Type), Long range static cameras with long lenses (STXL), and even multiple cameras in a single cabinet (B.O.B.).
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